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Residential networking is essential for modern living, providing the foundation for internet access, communication, work, education, entertainment, and the integration of smart technologies into homes. It has become a critical component of daily life, connecting individuals to the broader world and enabling a wide range of activities and services.


Did you realize that websites vary in their streaming speeds? When coupled with internal network communications among devices, these factors represent just a couple of the considerations to keep in mind when establishing a smart home network.

Netflix: SD (720P) needs 3Mbps

            HD (1080P) needs 5Mbps

    Ultra HD 4K needs 15 Mbps

Hulu:   SD (720P/1080P) needs 3 Mbps

            Live Streams need 8 Mbps

    Ultra HD (4K) needs 16 Mbps

Disney+: HD (720P/1080P) needs 5Mbps

       Ultra HD (4K) needs 25Mbps

Youtube: SD (720P) needs 2.5Mbps

               HD (1080P) needs 5 Mbps

       Ultra HD (4K) needs 20Mbps

And that's per device. Without the proper equipment and configuration, you will see a number of different issues. Make sure you consult with a networking professional to get the right equipment installed to support your needs.




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