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Whole Home Control Systems

   Whole Home Automation, also known as smart home automation, refers to the integration of technology and devices to enable centralized control and automation of various aspects within a home. The goal is to enhance the efficiency, convenience, and security of daily activities by connecting and automating different systems and devices.

   In simpler terms, it means using smart technology to connect and control things like lighting, thermostats, security cameras, door locks, entertainment systems, and more in your home. This allows you to manage and monitor these devices remotely, often through a central hub or a smartphone app. For example, you can adjust your thermostat, turn off lights, or check security cameras from your phone, even if you're not at home. Whole Home Automation can make your living space more comfortable, energy-efficient, and secure.

Our expertise with Control4, Savant, SAVI and other automation systems allows us to program and control every aspect of your Smart Home system. This means Audio, Video, Lighting, Security and Comfort controls are at your fingertips at all times through a single application on your phone or tablet. These systems also come with control panels that can be installed throughout your home for ease of access. Take a look at our Portfolio to see some of the jobs we have completed. New content is added regularly so check back often.




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