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Audio / Video Solutions


Distributed Audio

Multiple Rooms, Multiple Streams

With a distributed audio system in place, every room can stream a different genre at the same time while a movie plays in your home theater. Oh yeah, did we mention we can even add outdoor speakers to your system?

Distributed Video

A different stream for each TV

Need to stream the big game on every tv in the house? Wanting to let the kids watch their own shows while you catch up on yours? You may even want to watch four different channels on the same screen. With the right set up, its all possible.

Amps and Receivers and Speakers, Oh my!

When looking at all of the pieces that go into just the audio side, it's pretty easy to get lost trying to pick one device over another. Let us take care of all that hassle and rest assured that your system will not only sound amazing but will look amazing as well.  




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